Fees School Naming Series & SOA

Hello Community
Need some sound advice and best practice …

So off the bat , Education Module V13 , when creating a student the system allocates a student number series(name series) by default…

The challenge with this is that when we pull a statement of account the report shows the ‘name’ which translates to the ‘name series’, and no where on the said report does it actually show the students name.

So my solution was either -

  1. To rename all students to the actual name in this case ‘title’.
  2. To try edit the actual report statement of account to show both student number and name.
  3. After (1) or (2) change the default name series to pull field (first_name)+(last_name) on doctype student.

I have tried option(1) which is the easier method but would have to do all 200 students.
Option (2) not sure with editing that report.

Any suggestions or heads up if I go with either or solution ?

@msalim79 you can edit the report to show the name instead . I think general ledger is a script report and it’s written in the back side . also don’t use (first_name)+(last_name) , in fact don’t change anything .
check here (apps/erpnext/erpnext/accounts/report/general_ledger). I suggest to print the table, find the field and change it with whatever you want.

Thanks for responding , will defiantly check this out.