Fetch a value from single doctype

Can we fetch a value from single doctype directly using UI not javascript?

Do you want to fetch a value of a field from one doctype to another? If so, you can use fetch from box in customize form. For example, if you wish to fetch customer name from customer doctype, in the fetch form box, enter the following:

You can refer the following link to know more about the same:

Hope this helps!

@Michelle, hello, is it possible to fetch/get value of holiday from DocType HolidayList ? I can’t figure out the correct syntax… please help me.

I’m trying to put this in Condition box inside Salary Structure, and all won’t work.

“6/1/2022” in [day.holiday_date for day in HolidayList.get(“holidays”)]
“6/1/2022” in [day.holiday_date for day in doc.get(“HolidayList”)]
start_date in [day.holiday_date for day in doc.get(“HolidayList”)]
“6/1/2022” in [day.holiday_date for day in doc.get(“holiday_list”)]