Fetch "Additional Notes" from Sales Order Item to Purchase Order Item

Hi, how can I fetch the values in “Additional Notes” from Sales Order Item to Purchase Order Item? I want to try to use “Fetch from” under customize form, but it seems doesn’t work.

Kindly help, Thanks.

Hi @maxchock,

Just in this case, If you create a purchase order from a sales order and if both field name is the same then automatically additional notes will come in the item table.
Please check it below image.

Thank You!

Thanks for prompt reply. However I couldn’t find “Additional notes” field under Purchase Order and Purchase Order Item. Any idea why?

Because I create a new custom field under the purchase order item so if you want the additional field then create it and check it.

Thanks again.

But what if the existing fieldname under Sales Order Item is “posa_notes” but the new fieldname under Purchase Order Item is “additional_notes”?

Shall I use the posa_notes? is this field created by POS Awesome module?

I have only know like if both field name is same and same level (item table level) then data show.

I haven’t idea about it but you can try and check it if possible.

Thank You!