Fetch Adress field from Customer to Custom DocType - CRM / Address


i want to Fetch the Address field from the Customer DocType to a Custom DocType. I have created a Filed that calls Customer_name and that i have Fetched from the Customers DocType - thats worked perfectly. Now i want to show the Address from the selected Customer as Text, so that the address from the Customer can be verified.

My Problem is that the Field Address in the Customers DocType is linked to the Address Form in the CRM, i dosent know how to Fetch that informations.

I hace try id with following Script:

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Dominik Homölle

Check this

Thank you i will Check it later.

I just checked it, it worked perfectly. Unfortunately, it was the wrong field. I would like to get the field “Address_HTML” from the “Cumstumer” DocType Fetcht. Is this possible?

I have created only one address for each customer.

Or do I have to fill the primary address field automatically in Customers DocType?

The Solution for any other who want to Fetch the Primary adress field:
YourField = Text Box and Readonly