Fetch "Assigned To" to a field

Hi all,

I am trying to fetch the “Assigned To” to a field, so i can display the info in the Quality Feedback list view.

However, i cannot find the correct field_name for the “Fetch From” to work.
How can i get the field name?

Hi @Gordon_Yeung ,

To, make this process easy for you change you site to developer_mode on the site_config.json file. so that you can get the Edit Doctype option once you get that option you can directly do this fetch operation by selection.

Developer Mode:
For change the site to developer_mode go to you sites folder there will be site_config.json in that add a line developer_mode: 1

For Example,

  1. Now, I have given two fields as assign_to and final_value. Then I have given the linking doctype which is my current doctype name is “demo”.

  2. Now, you can select the field names directly.

Hope this will help you out.

Correct me if I read it wrong, but I read it is not advisable to make changes in doctypes, but rather use customize… will updating erp versions save changes in doctypes master, or only in customize?

Thanks for your prompt reply!
I am sorry I did not make it clear.
The “Assigned To” refers to this

But i still try to follow your steps.
After i changed developer_mode to 1

2023-06-06 12:58:54,031 ERROR frappe New Exception collected with id: 2023-06-06 12:58:53.984447-

Site: site1.local

Form Dict: {}

Since the server is not starting correctly, I change it back to 0 to do further testing.

Although i put aa in the assign_to, the Responsible field does not show aa.
Furthermore, i would like to fetch the “Assigned To” of the current doc instead of select from a list of Quality Feedback.

Thank you!

Hi @Gordon_Yeung ,

I think so you still on Customize click on edit doctype option and then you follow the steps and you can see the drop down to select the fields.


Hope this will help you out.