Fetch calendar view inside a form

I am creating a custom event/appointment page which creates events from the event doctype according to fields inside ,

What i actually want is to fetch the event calendar for a week from the starting date mentioned inside the form . so that it will show all the events scheduled for that week , and then can click on the available times and create a event , just like in the default event calendar.

want to be able to display the week view as so

Possible cases

  1. i have seen that there is a code type while adding fields for a doctype ,
    so can we add the code of the default calendar which frappe uses to link it .
    if so is there any documentation to do it , where is the code , how can we customize the calendar etc

  2. or maybe fetch the calendar on pressing a button – again need idea of how to go about doing it ,

  3. maybe some alternate open source js calendar we can integrate inside the frappe framework and call it from there .

if any one has done anything similar or can share their expertise will be really helpful .

thanks ,

any ideas or guides ?