Fetch Communication Status from Mandrill App


Currently we are using the Mandrill App to send all our emails from the erpnext system. The email just works fine its being sent from the erpnext system to Mandrill and then to the recipient but the only problem is that there is NO WAY to tell the following, whether the email was:

  2. Opened by the Recipient
  3. Clicked by the Recipient

Now all these things are already there in Mandrill but every time we need to check if it was opened or not then we need to login to the mandrill app and check for the same.

I know its possible to fetch the same data from mandrill to the erpnext system via apis but I am not an expert on developing such apps and hence I would request some one to develop an app to fetch the data from mandrill

Please consider this as a PAID DEVELOPMENT.

I am not posting this as a PAID DEVELOPMENT since I think that the team is already pre-occupied with alot of things and I would need this thing quite soon.

If anyone is interested kindly post the price, obviously the ERPNext team is the first preference if they are willing to develop something like this.

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@adityaduggal add it to GitHub anyways.

The to-do list just keeps on getting longer for us :smile:

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