Fetch contact address into Job Opening

Hello once again!

After searching the forum for similar I still seem to be stuck. I am trying to pull the address from Contact to our Job Opening module. The idea is to select a contact (or manager in our case) and have the address associated with the contact to prefill in the Job Opening (bonus points if it can be auto loaded into a data field incase we need to make an edit).

I followed the guide and still seem to be missing something.

So far I made new read only fields in the Job Opening, set the option to:

and then added this custom script to the script editor for Job Opening

cur_frm.add_fetch('contact', 'address_1', 'address_1')

and this to the options secton of the field in Job Opening


for city, same idea for address1,2 etc.

When I select the Contact I would like the fields to be populated with the address, so we can easily see the work site address for specific managers. So far nothing happens when a contact is selected.

Any input would be greatly appreciated.


Multiple addresses can be associated with a contact (its a child table) so add fetch will not work.

You will have write an even on client side on contact selection and add a server side method to return the address.

Ah gotcha. Makes sense!