Fetch data for a Read Only field from a field of the same DocType

I want to fill a Read Only field with the data from another field within the same DocType. Could this be done by supplying a Fetch From property, like it is done for the Linkor Child Table field types? I need this for target Data and Select fields.

Something like this current_document.data_field and current_document.current_select_option to match the Link field type: link_field.linked_table_field.

I know I can override a field editing event on the client side, but, if it’s possible, I’d like to use the built-in Fetch From function since it automatically updates all of the existing documents without user interaction.

@igrekus Did you find a solution for that problem?

Unfortunately, no ready-made solution, I had to override the default event for client side, and run an SQL query to update the rest of the rows.

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Thank you