Fetch Data on Webform - creating a webportal

I have made an web portal by FRAPPE framework, by which clients can login and feel up some application and so on. I am facing several problem

  1. How to fetch data on selection of link field. (I know about add_fetch function and i have used it in doctype but can’t use in web form )
  2. Can i use onload, onsubmit, after submit, these function on webform. You can give me reference from erpnext
  3. if anyone have experience on website portion, please tell me.

Fetch does not work in web-forms, you will have you do that manually by binding your own events in your web form’s JS file

No - web-forms are still lightweight compared to desk


I am creating a client portal for an Bank’s securities company in Bangladesh. They have almost 4K client. yesterday night was a nightmare for me, because first time i was working on context and so on. I have made ajax call instead of add_fetch. Though i have use some raw jQuery to work with form element but most of the things are working fine.

Thanks for great framework. :sunglasses: