Fetch default company in Print Formats


Is there any way to fetch default company(from Global Defaults) in Print Formats?


Print Formats are not company specific, hence doesn’t have a Company link field.

Can you please elaborate your use-case, so that we can guide you better?

Hi @umair

I’m preparing print format for Quality Inspection Doc, I should display Manufacture(Default Company).
In this case, how can i fetch default company ?

you can get company based upon Warehouse. i think in all main doctypes, company field is already there.

we don’t have warehouse field/section in Quality Inspection Doc, how can i get?

in this case you can add custom link filed in this doctype COMPANY. and user will select it while saving document.

Ok thanks @adnan

Hi @adnan

Is there any way to perform Min/Max/Avg functions in Print Formats ?