Fetch From Doc_type

In my Fetch From Select dropdown i could not able to see any doctype list
any one can help me

Can you please confirm which version you are currently using? @Aswin_Lakshmanan

ERPNext: v15.14.7

Frappe Framework: v15.15.0

Hi @Aswin_Lakshmanan,

It’s worked properly.

Please check it.

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I could not able to see, I don’t know what I missed, could you suggest me

Please check it.

I hope this helps.

Thank You!

Thank you @NCP
I tried I couldn’t able to find it,
My scenario is i need to customize user update profile, there is a form for user updates, but I cannot able to change the doctype for that form, and it is not editable so that’s why i tried to create the custom doctype connecting, do u have any suggestions, please.

It is not recommended to make changes to the core doctype as it cannot be updated. However, if you wish to fetch user details and set them according to the scenario, you can create a new doctype and follow the instructions provided in the video.

Thank You!

Fetch from doctype list here only available link field that have in your customize form.

First create your link field first and set options to the doctype then save it first. Then check fetch from field again

Thank you so much @Pheakdey_Tes its worked, but I don’t know how to get the particular logged data

What you mean about logged data?

This means when the user submits the data, it will be stored in user table also, I want to fetch the data based on the user login and based on that login I need to get data from doctype and show in the webform