Fetch from doesn't work

I’m following the official tutorial of the Frappe framework. I’ve passed chapters until “Types of DocType”, where I found a problem when creating Library Membership DocType.

The problem I’m facing is that the fetch from of the full name field doesn’t work at all. I can’t select a DocType from where the value should be fetched nor can write an expression.

The picture below describes what I mean:

It is noted that the Fetch From field in the official tutorial is a text area field not a select as the case with my installation.

These are the versions I use:
frappe 15.22.0
bench 5.22.3

Can someone help me to fix this, please?

@oussama-he save the doctype then come back and edit the second row .

@bahaou Now its showing the doctype but not listing the fields

@Robot select the doctype the the fields wil lapper

@bahaou I’ve tried, but it doesn’t listing anything