Fetch From not working with me

I worked before on fetch from more than one time and I didn’t faced any problem but now I can’t find where the problem

this what I did before

And this is now


Please make sure you have employee field on the Doctype.


Divyesh M.

Yeah I have


What can I do now, please help


I need your help my friend

@Nada-86 was it worked on save ? I mean it fetched value of date of birth field once document saved ?

I didn’t get you

what I want is when I chose someone his birthday come

@Nada-86 try to save this

didn’t come

@Nada-86 Try changing fieldtype as Date and make it read only

didn’t worked :smiling_face_with_tear:

I even tried what I did before and it’s the same (No Output)

I even tried to change field name to the same another old doctype