Fetch Item defaults in items child table in Product Bundled

i need to Fetch the expense account in the item defaults child table under Item doctype to be in the new custom field ( accountGL ) in the child table of Product bundle Doctype

so based on below link

i write down the below script but unfortunately without any affect

frappe.ui.form.on(“Product Bundle Item”, {
item_code: function(frm, cdt, cdn) {
var row = locals[cdt][cdn];
if (row.item_code) {
frappe.model.with_doc(“Item”, row.item_code, function() {
var doc = frappe.model.get_doc(“Item”, row.item_code);
$.each(doc.item_defaults || [], function(i, r) {
if(r.expense_account == frm.doc.item_code) {
var df = frappe.meta.get_docfield(“Item Default”,“accountgl”, frm.doc.name);
df.options += [“\n” + r.accountgl];

can any one help me what is the problem ?