Fetch Item field in Sales Invoice


I want to fetch ERP Number field from Item Doctype in the Sales Invoice Item table.


When the user selects Item from dropdown it should automatically populate with the ERP Number in the table.

I have gone through a lot of docs regarding this requirement but not able to achieve it.

Can someone please explain the exact steps from start to end?


I would have done this:

Create a field on Sales Order Item and set ‘fetch from’ item.erp_number assuming erp_number is the name of the field (not title) and ‘item’ is the name of the field on the Sales Order Item which refers to the item table (Link).

Have you tried this?

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Hi Shreyansh,

Thanks for your response.

I cannot find ‘fetch from’ anywhere. I’m using Erpnext V9.

Hi @erpnext_user99
Sorry, I forgot to reply earlier.
And also apologies - I have no idea about v9. When I said ‘fetch from’ I was implicitly referring to v12.