Fetch Item table field values to Items table of Sales Invoice Item

Hi team,I have a script for Sales Invoice at server side which fetches values from custom doctype called Cover Note using frappe.get_list().this return the values fetched including item_code .Returned values are added into a child table.But there are some values missing that needs to be fetched from Item such as item_name,conversion_factor and uom.How to get those values from Item and populate an items table of sales Invoice depends on item_code fetched from custom doctype Cover Note?Thanks

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This is the code at server side ,I have tried to loop through cover notes and get item_code value ,which in this case is represented by insurance_category.But when when implementing it from js using new_row.item_name=row.name_of_item;codes neither bring any error nor returns item_name.What am I missing?Your help will be appreciated.