Fetch not working

As per the image, I have created a document for Cities. I want to fetch state
in another document.

The structure of cities document is as follows.

In the lead entry form I want to populate state.

This is where I need the state value to be fetched.

This is what I have done to fetch state name, but not working

Please help to fix this problem.

Thanks & Regards


the field is call “city” not “cities”

You have to set Fetch from “city.state”

The Fetch from take the name of the field not the source DocType as argument

Thanks for the input. I tried that as well still not working. The scenario briefed in the video below.

You will use a custom script. See this link Filter Options in Select Field (erpnext.com) for example.

Your video is not dsiplayed (me be just for me ?)