Fetch - Set Advances and Allocate (FIFO)

Can someone help with how to add Set Advances and Allocate (FIFIO) to a journal entry


not sure what you mean ???

An example or use case ?

That is not what I meant … I meant what are you trying to achieve with that ???

The reason behind this is, in case we made or received advances to/from supplier or vendor such cases fetch those details to a general ledger or sub-ledger.

But isn’t payment entry used for that ???

if its an advance payment … for customers, you will making the payment on Sales order and for Suppliers it will be on the Purchase order…


These entries are shown in the General Ledger as well…

A Journal Entry is entry between 2 account heads… You can of course make an advance payment using a Journal Entry and selecting the Party Type and Party with references to the documents etc