Fetch the Child Item Table from t

Can anyone assist me in writing a Client Script on the Stock Entry Doc Type in a Frappe ERPNext, based on the below conditions?

  1. After Clicking the above “Create Stock Entry”, a Custom Button from the Pick List Doc Type and In a Pick List Doctype, We have a Child Table Pick List Item, which is a child Table, from here the Item (field name- item_code) and Quantity (Qty) should get fetched at the Stock Entry Doc Type in a Child Table (Stock Entry Detail) at the Field name-item_code and Quantity (Qty)

Once I click the above button, the Item Code and Qty should fetched from the Pick List to the Stock entry

Any help here

My version.

ERPNext: v14.27.1 (version-14)
Frappe Framework: v14.38.2 (version-14)

There is already a Create button available for Stock Entry.

i can help you but not in button , in field same idea

Yes this Button I have created, but I need to fetch the Warehouse, Item and Qty from the Pick List to the Stock Entry