Fetch value from Table MultiSelect to another Table MultiSelect

I have Create Table MultiSelect in Employee doctype called Cost Location
then I have to Create the same Table MultiSelect with the same name in Salary slip doctype

I need to fetch the value from Employee doctype to Salary Slip doctype when chose employee in Salary slip

how I can do that script?

Thanks in advance

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any help here?

Did you try this ?
As in the database field type : Table & Table Mutiselect is stored in the same way.

Yes, I try it but doesn’t work

I have developed a new field type link multi select which derived from field type link and works almost the same like link but support adding multi link value, unlike the table multi select the multi value saved to independent table(option), my new field type save the multi linked keys as pure text separated by comma(,), so it can be used in child table also.
will find some time to contribute as pull request if others are interested in it.


Great news

it will be more professional than Table Multiselect

Finally PR feat: new field type Link multi select by szufisher · Pull Request #8832 · frappe/frappe · GitHub created, thanks Julian who funded this development and agreed to contribute to Frappe core.