Fetch Value of Custom Field From 'Item Price' into 'Sales Order Item'

Summary: Need to fetch value from custom field added in ‘Item Price’ into ‘Sales Order Item’.

Details: Sales Tax is charged on MRP instead of Selling Price; and MRP is different for every Price List for every Item. Added a field MRP and STAmount in Item Price which is needed to be fetched on Sales Order Item for every Item either at the time of selecting Item or on Validate Event. Kindly suggest.

Based On: ‘Item Price’.‘price_list’ == ‘Sales Order’.‘selling_price_list’ && ‘Item Price’.‘item_code’ == ‘Sales Order Item’.‘item_code’.

I don’t think this is customizable. You will have to make this a standard feature and send a pull.

Why not set MRP as the Price List Rate and use discounts?

We will try to do so.

Invoice Amount = Selling Price + (MRP Amount * ST% / 100); In this case Price List Rate needs to be Selling Price and I guess setting MRP will not let fetch that Selling Price. Still I will get back after trying this.