Fetched Fields in Child Table, Table wont update

Hello, I have the following. three DocTypes:

  1. Package
  2. Transportation Trip
  3. Transportation Trip Package (Child Table)

3 is pretty much just a link field to 1. and Data fields, readonly with fetch from set as package.whatever my problem is that when I update some of the things it fetches from 1. (Packages) when I go to 2. (Transportation Trip) and check the Table field (Transportation Trip Package) The fetch fields are out of date. How can I solve this?

The only way they update, If is I do something in the childTable, It refetches, but this is a nono, since when I use the api, or the bench console I check and the field is out of date. So is not just the client side that’s out of date. Also the backend.

So Is a readonly field with fetch from actually fetched. Or is it just written in the database when created? I was hoping It was the first one.

Any recommendation in how to fix that! Greatly appreciated!