Fetching attendance log from a specific period

I want to fetch employee attendance from a specific date period. When I run the python script it fetch all the previous log from machine.
i.e The attendance machine have attendance log from 01-Jan-2020 to current date of 2022. But I just want to fetch log from 01-Jan-2022 to current date of 2022.
I have edited local_config file of bio-metric attendance sync tool where I added my required date in “IMPORT_START_DATE = 20220101” as in given format but can’t get result as expected. Is something i am missing in config file or somewhere alse. Please guide me.
I am using Frappe Framework: v13.39.1 (version-13) with ERPNext: v13.36.5 (version-13).
Any help in this regard will be highly appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

Go to Shift Type and Change Process Attendance After Date to your desired date

Thanks for reply @nomi-gee.
But I am talking about to fetching attendance not to mark attendance. Is this step is included for sync logs through script?? i.e if I set this field for a specific date then log will fetched as from that date??