I’ve been following Basic Library Management Tutorial I have reached till 12. Users and Records. As described in the above tutorial. I have done the naming and linking and created doctypes for Article, Library Member, Library Membership, Library Transaction.

I’m attaching screenshot for all the doctype. Also I have created user and assign role of a librarian as mentioned in the article.

After entering the Library Member details in Library Membership. It should get the first and last name of the Member. But I’m unable to do so.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

As I’m a beginner it only allows me to upload one image in a post. I’m uploading the next images in the reply.

Problem solved here

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This is done using script and it worked on mine.
The tutorial thing is working or not? I tried a bit hard but it never showed up.
Anything on that @root13F?

Did you set it like this in that doctype where you want the names to get fetched ?

In the first Parameter in Options I have given the doctype name as Library Member. As there was space in between when I’ve created.
Also, Read only in the type column in Last Name row.
Rest all seems to be perfect for things to work out. But it didn’t and I don’t know why? @root13F

This isn’t working yet, any updates on it?