Fetching Data From One Doctype to Another

Hello Everyone,

I would like to ask for your help on fetching some details from one doctype to another.

Here is the current flow on my transaction:

Sales Order >> Picking List >> Delivery Note >> Sales Invoice.

with created picking list.

Since Picking List, Delivery Note and Sales Invoice can be create from Sales module independently, that’s where i am having problem fetching data that i need.

Is there any way that i can fetch the picking list number whenever i create a Delivery Note?

Would appreciate your help in advance.


heres my picking list doctype

And here i want it to be fetched.

@jeovany.p can you tell a detailed scenario.


Sales Order 》Picking List 》Delivery Note.

Following above sequence, heres a scenario.

  1. Sales people needs to encode their Sales under Sales Order module.
    Under my dashboard as illustrated on my first post.
    While im inside the Sales Order i have the option to create Picking List and Delivery Note independently.

  2. Warehouse will prepare the picking list based on the above sales order. (No Issue here)

  3. During Delivery Note creation i have 2 options:
    This is based on the available option within the dashboard (refer to image 1). I am referring to the (+) sign.

    3.1. Create Delivery Note based on picking list
    Picking list reference is auto fetch through.
    doctype link setup. - no issue here

    3.2. Create Delivery Note based on Sales Order (within the sales order)

My question is, is there a way to fetch the ID of my picklist as i need it to be shown under my Delivery Note?

Hope you get my point.

Thank you