Fetching Item Price in new Doctype on Website

Hi all.
I am trying to build a new simple doctype for Website users as a webpage, its similar to Quotation but with limited fields.
The Item, Item Price List is already working for internal users using Client script and fetches prices properly.

But how do I make it fetch the price in Webpage for this new doctype based on a specific pricelist?

var value = 'test'
var currentUser = frappe.session.user;
frappe.web_form.set_value('user_name', currentUser);
// works on single level fields
frappe.web_form.on('items', function(fieldname, value) {
        alert('Alert: Condition is met!');

// doesn't work on multi level field / table type of field.

frappe.web_form.on('items', 'item_code', function(fieldname, value, row) {
        console.log('Event triggered:', fieldname, value);
        if (value === 'SOME_ITEM_CODE') {
            alert('Alert: Item code in child table changed.');

I am not able to fetch values from table, nothing gets triggered, when the client script on Webform has code associated with a child table field.

What am I missing here?
Could u also share some resources to develop the website front on ERPnext ?

Any help will be appreciated.