Fetching value from another DocType to display in another doctype

Hi all,

I want to fetch data from a doctype and display all that data with check boxes in another data type.

There are 2 doctypes ‘Membership Plan’ and ‘Benefits’
I want to display ‘name’ field of Benefits doctype in Membership Plan with check boxes so the admin can check the benefits based the membership plan.
All the benefits should be listed in ‘membership plan’ doctype then admin will choose whether that benefit is suitable for that membership plan or not using checkbox.

Instead of doing that,

I will suggest,

  • Create a child table Benefits Details, with two columns Membership Name and Checkbox.
  • On load of Benefits form fetch all the records (name) from Membership plan, and append to child table.

Hey thanks for the suggestion.

I think I didnt understand your point or you misunderstood my query.

I have a Doctype named “Benefit” with fields “name” & “desc”. I have another doctype named “Membership Plan”.
Each membership plan should contain some benefits. Multiple membership plans can also have similar benefits.
Now, when admin is adding any new membership plan all the benefits data(Benefit Doctype) should be displayed in the membership plan form with check box so that admin can select the benefits suitable for that membership plan.

Lets take a scenerio:
we have 3 benefits in “Benefit” Doctype

  1. 10% Discount
  2. 5% Discount
  3. Special Events Access

Now while adding a new membership plan
I want to choose which of the above mentioned benfits are suitable for this plan. So if I am creating a basic membership plan it will have only 5% disc… If its premium mebership it will have 10% and Special event access…and so on.
so I want benefit names with checkbox to select while adding a new membership plan

I hope I am clear. Sorry for the worst explanation :stuck_out_tongue: