Fetching Values from the Purchase Invoice Item Table and should be allowed to change

There is a use case, I have a field in the Item Masters as “MRP Rate” and also I have added in the Purchase Invoice Item as “MRP Rate”, and this is getting fetched from the Item Masters, but I should have the option to modify that MRP rate in the Purchase Invoice though by default it should fetch from the Item masters, but should be allowed to edit. Can any one help me on the client Script for this

in Purchase Invoice ,field MRP Rate, fetch from use this item.m_r_p_rate

This one I have done, but that MRP Rate should be allowed to change, right now it is not allowing to change and fetching the same value as mentioned in the Item Masters

If not enabled then please enable the Fetch If Empty

Then reload and check it.

Thank You!

@NCP , Thanks lot for your reply on time. Yes it works

@NCP, Just want to know what this Option " Fetch if Empty" means and how this works

Already mentioned in the description.
If checked, this field will be not overwritten based on Fetch From if a value already exists.

Yes Thanks I Understood now