Field:custom_field in Auto Name hides the field from document

On latest Frappe (13.33) / ERPNext (13.34), and I’ve just noticed creating a new Doctype and giving a field name in Auto Name removes the field from the document itself.

Auto Name works as expected in naming the document, it just removes the field from the document.

Here’s a small screen recording:

Hi @iMoshi,

It’s a by default system condition like naming series/auto name via field does not appear after a document save.

Please check the default system doctype like Item.

Thank You!

Okay, that makes sense. So what’s the workaround to have it shown after saving the document? :slight_smile:

Hi @iMoshi,
Under the naming section, use format:{name_of_the_field}. This way, it achieves its purpose without hiding the field after save

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Ha, dang it. Thank you Syd!