Field Label belongs to which database field?

is there a way to see the name of the database field (from inside the GUI in your browser) an entry of any form (a Doctype in ERPN terminology I guess?)

for example in the Customer Form. There is a field which is labeled “Full Name” in the GUI which relates to the database field called customer_name. Ideally I’d be able to see the database name (customer_name) when hovering with the mouse over the related label (Full Name).

Or is there any way to download all these to use that as a cheat sheet?
Being able to see these relations would help a lot to learn how things are connected and talk to each other

if you on developer_mode, then you can see field name by just hovering on it.

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You could also go to “Customise Form” then load the Form you wish to investigate and note the “Name” column. It is the same as per the database field.

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@bohlian that’s where I got my example from, thanks. But I’d prefer the “hovering over” solution

@kolate_sambhaji will checkout the developer_mode then. Seems that is a popular topic in the forum so it should be easy to learn about it

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ok, got it.

Seems the trick that everybody knows, so no one mentions it is that you have to be the user “administrator” in order to see those mousover infos

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