Field Not Mandatory for Save, but Mandatory for Submit

I need to be able to save a custom doctype record as needed (it is large), but I want to make sure ALL fields have been entered (not null) before I can Submit the form. If a field is not filled out, the user gets a message for the fields not entered.

Is there a simple way to do this?

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You can make all fields mandatory.
Or use validate or before_submit hook.

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wouldn’t that make them mandatory for “save” alike? I think what @SteveM wants to achieve is to be able to save a Documents which might not have have all mandatory information yet and still be forced to have added those added before being allowed to ‘submit’


Will look into the validate and before_submit functions.

Thank you

Correct! My goal is to force a ‘Surveyor’ to collect all the data in a Doctype, but be able to save it often before Submission. At least Type N/A or select it. There are up to 90 pieces of info being collected per Survey. I have attach image, int, select, and data fields.

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Would be nice to have a “Mandatory on Submit” check box

Is there any solution for this ?