Field service management in ERPNext

Hello all, we are evaluating ERPnext for one of our clients as a Sales/Service management solution. They deal with distributing Industrial machinery/equipment like Air Compressors, Air Dryers, Air Filters, etc., They manage sales as well as servicing the sold equipment which includes after-sales services like

  • Commissioning the machinery
  • Warranty
  • AMC
  • Service Tickets
  • Parts Replacement

Product Lifecycle

  1. Once a delivery order is confirmed a commissioning order is generated and assigned to a field engineer. The engineer visits and installs the equipment.
  2. After the commissioning is completed, warranty visits are generated according to the warranty period.
  3. Customers can also take AMC for out of warranty or already commissioned products. Tasks assigned to engineers according to no. of AMC years and visits per year.
  4. Customers can raise complaints about any issues and can select if the machinery is under warranty/ under the AMC through the portal.
  5. Service engineers visit the site and perform maintenance/repairs and requests for parts. Customers are quoted accordingly.

How can we achieve these functionalities in ERPNext? Most of the organizations in this field follow this exact or similar workflow. I am thinking of creating a Project with linking the product sold and commissioning task for it, later we can link AMC, Warranty to it. Suggestions are welcomed to make this useful for all.


Hi Raghu,

Did you do anything on this? Did you enhance and customize ERPNext to take care of some of these?

ERPNext has documents/features that cover some/many of the requirements.

Like the Installation Note can record the date of installation of the system/machine. This covers #1.

The Maintenance Schedule document can be used for the AMC document. This covers #2 and #3.

I think #4 can be enabled through the Customer Portal

The Maintenance Visit can address #5. Requesting for Parts and Quotations can be handled by Material Request and Quotation documents. Though a bit of customization may be necessary to string it all together in a nice flow.

Hope this helps.