Field Type cannot be "Fold"

Hi, would anybody has a clou, as this error does not seem to occur often?

When inserting field type FOLD in ITEM, the error message “Field Type cannot be Fold” appears at update. What are the rules, or if any restrictions, to use this type?



Fold was used in older versions, currently you can use Collapsible Sections to achieve similar results.

Please check out the following post to know more.

Hi Pawan,

Thanks for your comments. It is rather confusing, as the function of “Fold” is partially available, i.e. under Customize Form - field types, however omitted under Custom Field- field types.

Though the function Collapsible Sections is very useful, it limits to 1 level, while I need the layout of a master and sub form.
Any possibility to apply Collapsible Sections with a sub level of Collapsible Sections?


@Gerard sub-levels are not possible at the moment, and when ‘Fold’ fields were available, they were identical in function to collapsible sections. They weren’t stack-able either.

Right, thanks for the clarification.

I trust, you will not blame me for whishful thinking with the “at the moment” in mind.