Field type cannot change long text to small text

So I just tried to change the field type of a custom field in Event from long text to small text and received an error notification that this change is not possible.

I am of course wondering why this is not possible and also if there is any solution to this ?

You can delete that Long Text field and make the same one but this time with type Small Text


However, if you delete this field - what happens to all the information which is already written in a couple of thousands of other events ? We’ve been using this Long Text field for quite a while now …

You can try one hack.

Step 1 : Using Data Import Tool, export just the primary key field that is name, and this long text field. You got the backup.

Step 2 : Now in Customize Form delete the field. Re-create it as Small Text - same fieldname.

Note : Check the csv you exported in the first step. In case if the Type is Long Text, change it to Small Text.

Step 3 : Now, import the same csv and update your records. If you are unsure you can try it on a dev server and then proceed on the production server.

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