Field Type Float Take By Default 0.00 Value?

If i add any float field in doctype then it is take by default 0.00.i want to set it blank.
is it possible to set blank float field??

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What is the purpose of that float field?
By default, if you leave any field blank it’ll take 0 value.

in Customize DocType, open that field and remove leave blank “Default”

Default is already blank

If I take data field it is not take by default 0 value but in float it is take 0.00 by default .
In Field details default field is blank so this is not set from there

We also need this. Use case is to not have to write extra validation logic to disable save. Plan was to make a read only field mandatory and have this field value set only by custom script if conditions are met. If conditions are not met, field not set and form cannot be saved.

By having a default value of 0.00 mandatory field is seen as entered/filled out by user even though has no value and form can be saved.

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