Fields after "Time" field are not shown until doc is created, saved, and refreshed

Hello community, hope all of you are doing great!

I have encountered a small bug, with the field type Time.

I have a custom Doctype with bunch of field which 3 of them are related to collecting date, and time information. Such as “Doc Created date”, “Doc closing date”, and finally “Doc closing time”. First 2 fields are Date type, and the “Doc Closing Time” is type Time. And I have a very weird issue (see screenshot), and all the fields after the time field is just invisible until the doc is created, some data is changed, and then refreshed.

Everything is back to normal as soon as I delete the Time field. Also, default Doctypes that come with ERPNext and Frappe can handle the Time field just fine. It just happens on a new doctype.

New conclusion as well:

Changed the Time Format to HH:MM:SS in System Settings, and now things are working fine. If I want to hide the Seconds from the time format, the bug happens.