Fields are not getting load properly show when reload

Sometimes, the fields in a child table do not load properly when the show/hide functionality is applied based on the selected category and subcategory. These fields should only be displayed when their related category and subcategory are selected. However, sometimes they do not appear correctly and require a page refresh to function properly. Urgent assistance is needed.

Hi @Vishal_Rajput,

Please check it.

I hope this help.
Thank You!

Dear Nihantra Please read my question carefully because it wasn’t about an issue with assets loading; rather, it was about child tables that wouldn’t load correctly when their connected category and sub category were chosen. I’ve included a small piece of code for your reference.

function hide_all_subcategory_attribute_fields(frm, cdt, cdn) {
	var subcategory_attribute_fields = ['Gold Target', 'Diamond Target', 
	'Metal Colour', 'Product Size', 'Length', 'Height', 'Sizer Type', 
	'Enamal', 'Rhodium', 'Stone Type', 'Gemstone Type', 'Gemstone Quality',
	'Stone Changeable', 'Changeable', 'Hinges', 'Back Belt', 'Vanki Type',
	'Black Beed', 'Black Beed Line', 'Screw Type', 'Hook Type', 'Lock Type',
	'2 in 1', 'Kadi Type', 'Chain', 'Chain Type', 'Customer Chain', 'Chain Length',
	'Total Length', 'Chain Weight', 'Detachable', 'Back Chain', 'Back Chain Size',
	'Back Side Size', 'Chain Thickness', 'Total Mugappu', 'Kadi to Mugappu',
	'Space between Mugappu', 'Nakshi', 'Nakshi From', 'Customer Sample',
	'Certificate Place', 'Breadth', 'Width', 'Back Belt', 'Back Belt Length'];
	show_hide_fields(frm, cdt, cdn, subcategory_attribute_fields, 1);