Fields are not visible in field list in Doctype Setting

I had created a field “Drupal ID” in the customer Doctype to generate a drupal ID when a customer is created in drupal. Basically it is just a field with the data type “Data”. But after creating it I needed to hide it but I’m unable to locate it in field list. The Field is visible while creating a document but it is not visible in the field list in the doctype. Likewise there is also a field called “Customer name in Arabic” which is also not visible in the doctype field list and I need to remove it. How do I do that?

@raheeb can you please share doctype screenshot?

As you can see the fields Drupal ID and Customer name in Arabic is not present in my doctype field list.

I am assuming you have added the field using Customize Form option. Go to the Customer List > Menu > Customize. You should see the field there. You can also just type Custom Field in the search bar and check for it there.

Thanks. It worked.