File attach field triggers save event

When we attach a file or image in child table it trigger the save it asks for mandatory fields, custom changes are not working because of was working fine on v6

How about moving the attach file to the bottom of the doctype or showing the field after the first save?

No,when we attach a file,system saving the doctype

my custom application reads data from text file and set value in data fields.when we attach a files application reads data from text file and set value in the fields,but at the same save event triggers on file upload and system refresh or reload fields so it deleting set values from the data fields(because it not saved.refresh or reload will erase unsaved data)

please help

Well, I guess it’s not possible to override that functionality as it is at the core of the framework. But, you should consider using a helper doctype (an additional doctype). This doctype will be resposible for reading your file and setting the values to the desired doctype.

If you need any help on implementing this, please let me know.

You can trigger an event on the attach field which will set the data field value and then save the doctype using function.

issue was
in version 7.0.20 new committ

this code will save the document while attach a file inside a doctype.

It is advised not to change the control.js file in frappe framework because this can cause serious conflicts in the future updates for your application is not working o file attach event and i can not find another way

There is always another way. :slight_smile: By the way, It will work fine but some other functionality may change.

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I am still getting this issue any official solution to this? or “another way”?