File Attachment Browser v12 vs v11 Lost Some Important Functionalities

Well for users coming from v11 to v12 there is rude shock waiting for them to in one particular area and that is the file browser.

Earlier in v11 there was an option to search for document based searching as per customize form view but now the file browser is too slow to allow same attachment to be attached to other docs.

For example. If you have an Attachment Attached to supplier and now you want to attach the same transaction in say Payment Entry then what we used to do earlier was:

  • Customize Doctype for File and make attached_to_name as a search field as shown below
  • And then we used to open attach file dialog and used to enter the name of the attached_to_name like supplier name or SO name which are quite unique.

But now we cannot do the same since file is now only searchable by its name and there could be ample examples where file names are kind of similar and also with around 100k files in our system the browser basically hangs. Though the new window looks much more slick but searching is a pain.



As a solution the search by should include the fields mentioned in the customize form view as well.

This goes for v13 I guess as well.