File manager API


In ERPNext, files attached to transactions are saved directly on the server’s file system. This system serves it’s purpose well and allows many users to attach files that need to be available to other users. However, more advanced document management requires users to manually copy files to other file sharing services, such as Dropbox, Google drive and Sharepoint. Now, I know that a more advanced file manager is planned for ERPnext, which would alleviate some concerns, but I believe that ERPnext and Frappe would benefit from a file management API, that would allow files stored in other sharing services to be attached to documents.

I have been thinking about this project for some time now and I would really like to see it come alive!
A colleague of mine recently started a github issue with a basic draft of the project:
I have also posted a bounty with 200$ on it:
but I does not seems to be sufficient to raise interest.

I am now to the point where I would like to get this done under your paid feature program.
Please indicate if you require more information.

Feel free to contact me by email or phone if needed.

Thank you very much


I get a 404 when clicking on the github link.

If you’re referring to the paid development program by Frappe Technologies, then send an email to as mentioned here:

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Thank you Felix, I was about to send an email to this address also.

Either Frappe or Community, whoever is willing to take on this project.

Here is the link to the github issue :

there has been a jobs marketplace which may have been moved to the foundation’s website here

it seems like migration not being all finished yet completely though

UPDATE: here it is ! seems the Foundations website is under heavy development … which is great