File Upload Disconnected. Please try again. error msg


we are facing some serious issue while uploading any attachment

any help will be appreciated

thank you

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Have you checked file system permissions and ownership?
Is there enough disk space?

Maybe share the log files

for disk space


regarding permission :- it is working sometimes but most of the time we are facing this issue

which log are you talking about ?

If you can show/share the log files for the app and also the filesystem/OS, then someone will probably help you with what you need to do.
In your case - I am only guess now - maybe you had a DB disconnect while it was transmitting.
If you check your mysqld settings with (this will be in the [mysqld] section

sudo cat /etc/mysql/my.cnf | grep max_allowed_packet

The default is normally 4MB or 16MB. Increase that to say 64MB and restart your mysqld

Is this a local installation? If so, you need to add the site name to your local hosts.


Even some kb size files not uploading most of the times…

@tmatteson this is not local setup it is a production setup