File Upload Disconnected. Please try again. in employee profile

Dear Member,

I am running erpnext on live server. its uploading all the employee images without any issue. How ever same system is setup on our local server but when i try to upload image through the upload button, if throws error “File Upload Disconnected. Please try again.” and file did not loaded in the employee image.

Some images are working fine on local server but some are not uploading through upload utility.

However same files are working fine with my live server.
Please guide me.

What is the size of the file generally that are not getting uploaded ?

Also, on the local instance, are you using localhost:8000 to access the site or providing site_name:8000 ?

If the file size is larger, the file gets uploaded through socket-io which tries to resolve the file’s path. It fails to work for localhost:8000 as it will not find any site inside sites folder by that name. Try to store your site’s name in etc/hosts file and accessing it as site_name:8000.


Thanks. That works for me.