File upload not working reliably in latest version


I have been using the ‘attach’ type to upload a file to the document. Till I did a ‘bench update’ today, it was working properly by uploading it as ‘private/files/’. Later I get the full path using function frappe.get_site_path(). However after today’s updates:

  1. The file is getting uploaded to public folder instead of private
  2. The upload is not very reliable. ie it only works sometimes
    I am wondering whether any of the recent change has broken this feature…

Anytime you hit such errors again, copy out the trace back and post it here. Add a screenshot and your Erpnext and Frappe versions.

Thanks @tundebabzy, I have tried this many times after without any issue. So perhaps it might be related to browser or some other system issue. Don’t think it is worth pursuing further.