Fill link Field options without clicking it

i have a link field (“item group”) in POS … i want the options() for (“u l”) to be filled with out clicking it manually …
i found that link basically render using awesomplete js lib … but didn’t know how to do the trigger

@fahimalizain sorry fro tagging you , i saw the only one talking about it in the forum but the thread is closed

Jquery is your answer
In POS you use
2 action
First change the value of the doc
Secend the page value
$("input tittle[“item_group”]).value(value).click()
Sorrey its writen from phone

hi @ahmadRagheb
Sorry I hadnt seen your tag until today


If you do the above, it will fetch from the server and open the awesomplete :stuck_out_tongue:
Im not sure if thats fine

Hope it helps

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Perfect Solution for my case thank you @fahimalizain