Filter date between using FrapeClient-php

Hi, I’m using the library in php to consume the data from erpnext.
My problem is being that I need to to a filter between dates.
How can I do this using the PHP?

I’m trying to do this :
$dataInicio = $_GET[“dataInicio”];
$dataFinal = $_GET[“dataFinal”];

$result = $client->search(
				"ML Lead"
				,array("Data" => $dataInicio, "Data" => $$dataFinal) // Here I need a between

 echo json_encode($result->body->data);


You can send the filters in following format

{fieldname: [operator, values]}

for between filter

{"posting_date": ["between", ["2017-08-21", "2017-08-23"]]}


I have same issue, but when try this solution I have this error raise!

InternalError: (1241, u'Operand should contain 1 column(s)')