Filter doctype list view server-side


I want to customize the documents that arrive client inside doctype list view, I don’t know what is the Api function and where to put it. Please help!

Hi @davidboom95! Please give more details. A screenshot of what you have done so far can be really great.

Hi, thank you for your answer,
I haven’t did anything, I am very lost :cold_sweat:
Let me explain better:
I want to filter each document that arrives his respective list view.

Let’s say I want to show only certain Doctypes in this list, filtered by some server-side conditions, not frontend filters.

Hi @davidboom95 ! Can you please try User Permission if this can satisfy your usecase? You may read here.

There is conditions like the one above.


Hi, that is great for one user, I want it for a looooot of them automatically

You have to create script to automate this one @davidboom95 . You can loop users and set conditions individually.


other option is to write the _list.js file and add the route_options so whenever you open a ListView it will filter the list according to options you have provided in the route_options

e.g. please check the issue_list.js or todo_list.js


Should we add this script to Client Script?