Filter is missing error

Hello, when I apply a filter in ListView and after I go to the detail page of one of the filtered documents an error is thrown.




I get this quite a bit too. Not sure why. It doesn’t impact the application but just looks bad

Hi all,

any updates on this? I observe this as well when opening a record in the form view (and all functionality works fine)… seen in ERPNext: v10.1.51 (master), Frappe Framework: v10.1.46 (master)

Same here.

Here’s where the exception occurs…

We’ve been getting this error randomly and based on the wordings of error, below is the only location where it is raised.

Apparently this happens when user has moved from ListView to Form(by opening one of the docs) BUT run method of ListView hasn’t finished execution. In that case, while trying to set filters based on route it gets route of a FormView whereas it expects that of a ListView. (Refer snapshot below).

I’m not sure how to solve this, but one thing to check is the call to frappe.run_serially in the call stack, which eventually triggers a ListView refresh. As synchronous AJAX calls have been deprecated, frappe.run_serially might yield before ListView refresh is complete…allowing user to go inside form view.


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