Filter on Dashboard didnt work just after we opened it

Hi All,

Need some guideline on this.

We are currently on V7 and we have requirement to display 9 columns on the child table(Quotation Items etc). We managed to get it through custom script using this


and we also add the dashboard into the Lead Doctype.

My problem is when i filter the quotation on lead dashboard at the first time,it seems like it works. but when i back and choose another lead, the filter is no longer work.

latest filter

We do understand and alert on limitation of no of column on the child table on v7 but we just give it a try.

Can someone point me the hints or workaround that i can use for this? that the filter can work properly.

The problems you are facing seem unrelated (on a cursory look)

Hi Rushabh,

Thanks for the reply.

What you mean by unrelated? I have try it by removing the the code(adding no of column) on custom script, the filter work fine.

If you see on the gif, on the first lead, i filter the quotation, filter works fine. But when i back and choose another lead, try to filter the quotation through dashboard, the filter does not work.